Reengineering of Road Maintenance System

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Anil Kumar
Ashok Kumar


As we know that maintenance is very critical activity, in each and every fields, it is not only critical but also very risky as well as costly. Therefore, reengineering is good choice for this purpose. The objective of this paper is to identify different type of factor that helps in reengineering of road management system. The research plan is to conduct survey, to generate case studies and build a framework i.e based on spatial database and attributes of the system. That uses dynamic segmentation to link road, geographic information and attribute information. Framework is designed in such a way that help us during reengineering of road maintenance system, to allocate resources according to need of plans, requirements, type of road network and help road manager to determine which type of maintenance is used when and to determine how much time, cost & resources are required to generating an optimal maintenance plan for a road. Optimal means, minimizing net present value of maintenance cost. The aim of this paper is developed such kind of framework, which can measure the overall efficiency of road maintenance operation. The framework is designed to consider the effect of environment (such as climate, location etc.) and operation (traffic load) factor on such efficiency.



Keywords: Reengineering, Reengineering Economics, type of maintenance, Framework of Road Maintenance


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