Development of Basic Learning and Communication System for School Children with Speech Disabilities using Mobile Platform

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Anil Kumar
Nickson M. Karie


The concept of community access to information using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has gained widespread attention as a strategically vital response to the perpetual lack of affordable access to information and ICT services in the developing world. Community access to information and ICT services is not in itself a new concept. Besides, it provides an encouraging policy approach to overcoming the wide disparities of access to information, particularly in the education sector. ICT services can provide opportunities for disabled students especially speechless students to participate in the newly emerging social and economic orders. A vast number of students have no obstacles to communicate or learn through the many technological educational tools that provide different functionalities and services. Even though the technology is becoming more incredible and sophisticated, there is not much of the development and improvement in the communication systems and learning or education application systems for speech disabled students. This paper, therefore, presents a new concept aimed at developing a basic learning and communication system for school children with speech disabilities using mobile platforms in the developing world. Hopefully, the success of this developing project would become the much needed innovation that will bring the revolution for the society and more especially for the speech disabled students in the world. Basic learning and communication system for school children with speech disabilities using mobile platform constitutes the main contribution of this paper.

Keywords: Information and Communication Technology, learning, speech disabled students, mobile applications, mobile platform


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