Performance Analysis of WiMAX Scheduling Algorithms for QoS support in PMP Mode

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Harpreet Kaur
Gurpal Singh


WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is being touted as the most promising and potential broadband wireless
technology. The scheduling algorithm is the crucial point in QoS provisioning over such broadband wireless access (BWA) network. IEEE
802.16 standard supports two different topologies: point to multipoint (PMP) and Mesh. In this paper, a comprehensive performance study of
scheduling algorithms in Point to Multipoint mode of WiMAX network had been conducted and it also describes Quality of Service over wi-max
network. In the analysis, a WiMAX module was developed based on OPNET 14.0 simulator. Various real life scenarios like data, voice call are
setup in the simulation environment. Parameters that indicate quality of service, such as, throughput, average load, average jitter and average
delay, are analyzed for different types of service flows as defined in WiMAX. The simulation was carried out for scheduling algorithms such as
Priority Queue and MDRR and evaluating the performance of each scheduler to support the different QoS classes.



Keywords: IEEE 802.16, QoS, OPNET, Scheduling Algorithms, WiMAX


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