Efficient Load Balancing Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing Using Raven Roosting Optimization Algorithm

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Ekta Rani
Harpreet Kaur


In this paper, a Raven Roosting Optimization Algorithm (RRO) is followed to light on the load balancing for task scheduling problems solution in cloud environment. Heterogeneity of birds, insects enroll in roosting. In raven Roosting, Roosts are information centers or can say servers and scrounge feature of common ravens inspired to solve problems. This technique is good enough to handle number of overloaded tasks transfer on Virtual Machines (VMs) by determining the availability of VMs capacity. Raven Roosting Optimization (RRO) random allocation of VMs to Cloudlets results huge change in makespan with respect to VM to which allocated. There is the possibility that simulation results shows better makespan, average response time, average waiting time, number of tasks migrated through Raven Roosting Optimization Algorithm.


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