Implementation of improved (I_AODV) algorithm and comparison with traditional AODV routing protocol in MANETs

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Madhu Bala
Harpreet Kaur


Today, person sitting at either end of the nation can speak with each other with the aid of wireless technology. Mobile ad hoc Network (MANETs) is a type of wireless ad hoc network which is a collection of mobile devices that creates random topology for communication. The fineness of MANETs is that it not required any central controller or base station. MANETs is only a network in which devices worked as a host as well as router. In this paper we proposed a new approach, named Improved ad hoc on demand distance vector (I_AODV) routing algorithm. It is a modified version of traditional AODV routing protocol. The objective of this thesis work is to improve the performance of AODV protocol with high throughput and less amount of end to end delay which are essential metric and Comparison of improved (I_AODV) algorithm with traditional AODV routing protocols in MANETs with following parameters: end to end delay, throughput and packet delivery ratio. In this work network simulator NS-2.34 tool is used for simulation. Implementation and performance analysis of (I_AODV) done by network simulator. Simulation result shows the improved ad hoc on demand distance vector (I_AODV) routing protocol perform better than traditional AODV routing protocol.

Keywords: MANETs, AODV, I_AODV, Network Simulator


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