Internet banking in India: Problems and Prospects

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Ms Namrata Jain
Ms Rashmi Tiwari, Megha Jain


The new information technology is becoming an important factor in the future development of financial services industry, and
especially banking industry. Growing international trading and problems in transferring money have motivated researchers to introduce a new
structure. Internet banking is such idea. Most of banks are using the Internet as a new distribution channel. Internet banking has the potential to
transform the banking business as it significantly lowers transaction and delivery costs. This paper presents a through survey of internet banking
describing features, opportunities and challenges before internet banking. This paper discusses why internet banking is a very reliable way to
manage finances. Internet banking provides great value in terms of convenience, customer intimacy, timesaving, inexpensiveness and coherence
in banking. Despite a few disadvantages, Internet banking is a highly recommended, new technology.



Keywords: Internet banking, E-Business, E- -banking Cost Reduction, Satisfaction.


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