Software Development Life Cycle: A Detailed Study

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Ms Namrata Jain
Anurag Jain


A software development process, also known as a software development life cycle (SDLC), is a structure imposed on the development
of a software product. Similar terms include software life cycle and software process. It is often considered a subset of systems development life
cycle. There are several models for such processes, each describing approaches to a variety of tasks or activities that take place during the
process. Some people consider a lifecycle model a more general term and a software development process a more specific term. For example,
there are many specific software development processes that 'fit' the spiral lifecycle model. ISO 12207 is an ISO standard for software lifecycle
It aims to be the standard that defines all the tasks required for developing and maintaining software. Software Development Life Cycle or
SDLC is a model of a detailed plan on how to create, develop, implement and eventually fold the software. It’s a complete plan outlining how
the software will be born, raised and eventually be retired from its function. The Software development life cycle (SDLC) is the entire process of
formal, logical steps taken to develop a software product.


Keywords: SDLC Models, Software Planning, Requirements , Analysis, Design and Testing.


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