Digital Watermarking : The reliable protection to multimedia content

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Ms Namrata Jain
Ms Anamika Joshi, Rashmi Tiwari


The advent of the Internet has resulted in many new opportunities for the creation and delivery of content in digital form. Applications
include real time video and audio delivery, digital repositories and libraries, Web publishing and electronic advertising etc. An important issue
that arises in these applications is the protection of the rights of all participants. Digital Watermarking is a technology being developed to ensure
security and protection of multimedia data. The purpose of digital watermarking is to facilitate data authentication, copyright protection and
content integrity verification. Digital watermarking is a relatively new and highly multidisciplinary research field, which combines the work of
fields such as digital signal processing with cryptography, communications and information theory, and the theory of visual perception. This
paper is intended to disseminate the concept, application and schemes of digital watermarking for multimedia security management. We will be
addressing the challenges posed to multimedia security and how watermarking could meet those challenges.



Keywords: Watermarking, data authentication, copyright protection, content integrity verification, cryptography, Digital multimedia security.


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