Steganographic Technique for High Volume Secrete Data Transmission through Colour Image (STHVSDTCI)

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Nabin Ghoshal
J. K. Mandal


This paper presents a novel steganographic technique which demonstrates the secrete data transmission technique through colour
image in frequency domain based on the Discrete Fourier Transformation (DFT) which pertain to colour image authentication. Secrete
transmission is done by hiding secrete message/secrete image into the transformed frequency component of source image. The DFT is applied on
sub-image block called mask of size 2 x 2 in row major order. Three secrete message/image bits are fabricated within the transformed real
frequency component of each source image byte except the LSB of first frequency component of each mask. After embedding, a delicate readjust
phase is incorporated in all the frequency component of each mask, to keep the quantum value positive and non fractional in spatial
domain. Robustness is achieved by hiding an authenticating or secretes message/image in the frequency component with both positive and
negatives quantum values and invisibility is satisfied in spatial domain using delicate re-adjust phase. Inverse DFT (IDFT) is performed as final
steps after embedding to transform embedded image in frequency domain to spatial domain. Experimental results conformed that the proposed
algorithm performs better than discrete cosine transformation (DCT), Quaternion Fourier Transformation (QFT) based scheme and Spatio
Chromatic DFT (SCDFT).



Keywords: QFT, DFT, IDFT, DCT, MD and SCDFT


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