Secured Wireless Communication by High-Speed RSA Using Evolutionary Programming based Optimized Computation (HS-RSA-EP)

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Arindam Sarkar
J. K. Mandal


In this paper a high speed RSA technique using Evolutionary Programming (HS-RSA-EP) for secured wireless communication has been proposed by optimizing field exponentiation which in turn minimized the time requirements of the encryption / decryption in RSA. So, in this paper Evolutionary Programming based optimization algorithm has been implemented to optimize the field exponentiation in RSA and makes it faster and energy efficient. This faster energy efficient version of RSA can be use in wireless node for providing security. This proposed HS-RSA-EP algorithm begins with a valid and complete set of individuals to form initial population. Then using mutation and survivor selection mechanism feasible valid offspring from the existing one is generated. Among several exponents the best solution reached by HS-RSA-EP is compared with some of the existing techniques. Extensive simulations show competitive results for the proposed HS-RSA-EP.


Keywords: Evolutionary Programming (EP), security, wireless communication, high speed, energy efficient.


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