Secure Agent Base Data Transmission in MANET

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J. K. Mandal
Khondekar Lutful Hassan


In this paper an agent base secure data transmission technique in MANET has been proposed. In this approach Triangular encryption (TE) technique is applied for encryption and decryption purposes. Agents are encrypted by the source node before forwarding. Upon reaching the destination node the agents are automatically decrypted. If any node captures the agent the packet will be dropped without decrypting the agent. The technique is applied for both AODV and DSR routing protocols in MANET. For simulation purpose NS2 (2.33) is taken and two types of parameters are considered. These are number of nodes and types of routing protocol. Various analysis have been done through which it is established that this technique can be used to transmit packets in MANET with a high degree of security without affecting the performance of the routing protocols. The parameters which are considered for the performance comparison of both protocols are Number of packets generated, average packet size, processing times, retransmitted data and average delay.

Keywords: Triangular Encryption Technique (TE), Secured Agent, MANET, NS2, Secure Transmission.


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