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Arief Budiman
Joko Triono


2011 was the beginning a new era of clouds based computing technology or who often called cloud computing, where there were
some several providers who were quite popular namely Dropbox, google drive, icloud, and SkyDrive. Along with the rapid progress in cloud
technology, this could be used as a solution to the institution for the dissemination of presentation material without having dependence about the
limitation of storage media, must always be brought, and could be accessed anytime and anywhere. In this research develop presentation
application based on cloud infrastructure and cloud storage to store the presentation material. And for the cloud server used small CPU namely
Raspberry Pi, and for client CPU at the classroom used the same device. To access the presentation application or accessing the presentation
material both lecturers and students could use a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or Raspberry client in the classroom, as long as connected to the
network. The application developed with HTML 5 programming language and cloud server with Raspbian Jessie operating system. And for
cloud system used Owncloud for easy management. And for implementation, this research result would be implemented at Informatics
Management Diploma Department of Merdeka Madiun University.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Computer Network, Raspberry, Classroom, Presentation.


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