Development of Dhungkrek Dance Learning Application to Preserve Local Culture Existence

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Arief Budiman
Dwi Nor Amadi


This paper discuss about the development of Dhungkrek Dance Art learning application, where Dhungkrek Dance is one of Madiun local culture that needs to be preserved the existence, as one of Indonesian cultural. A way to participate the preserve these cultures is using information technology to introduce and share knowledge, by adding several multimedia components will add attractiveness and the effectiveness of information delivery. The application will be developed using IGN SDK Framework, which is available in open source platform, so the application can be publicized freely and be further developed by the other developer. The research methodology used in this research is using methods research and development method wich is multimedia development procedure, which focused on product development application. This research expects that the Dhungkrek Dance Art could be raised again and well known by the general public society so it will keep the sustainability of the Madiun local culture.

Keywords: Learning, IGN SDK, dhungkrek,multimedia, Open Source


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