Expert System Identification of Pest and Diseases of Rice using Html5

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Joko Triono
Tomi Tristono


Rice plants vulnerable to diseases caused by pests and diseases. Handling against pests and diseases that slow, resulting rice plants could not grow well, and even the worst thing is to crop failure that can be detrimental to farmers. Instead precise handling and quick will make rice plants grow well and obtain a satisfactory result. In connection with that in this study, an expert system that use for the identification of pests and diseases of rice. The method used is the expert system rule-based reasoning. This expert system is making use of the programming language PHP and HTML5 while the MySQL database used. HTML5 is a new technology for web development has the advantage can be run on multiplatform, both personal computers and mobile devices. Data was collected through interviews with agricultural experts and from reference books. Expert system requesting a response from the user to the signs of pests and diseases of rice that appears on the computer interface, then the output of the possibility of pests and diseases that exist on the rice plants, as well as solutions to overcome pests and diseases of rice

Keywords: Expert system, rule-based reasoning, HTML5, pests and diseases of rice


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