Network Security: Anti-virus

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Gurpreet Kaur


Network security has become more important to personal
computer users, organizations, and the military. With the
advent of the internet, security became a major concern and
the history of security allows a better understanding of the
emergence of security technology. The internet structure
itself allowed for many security threats to occur. Now days,
Computer virus poses a considerable problem for the users
of Personal Computers. Here antivirus plays anessential
role in protecting users .It provides a key line of defence by
detecting, blocking and removing viruses, spyware and
malware before it can do lasting damage. This paper tells
you how an Anti –Virus detects the viruses and disinfect the
file. The main purpose of this paper is to tell how it works
and secure the system from different malwares, viruses and
worms. It also tells the different types of Anti-Viruses are
being used today and why.

Keywords:Viruses, LAN, alert,interception, disinfection.


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