Simulative Investigation of 32x5Gb/s DWDM-FSO System Using Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Under Different Weather Conditions

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Gurpreet Kaur
Harmeet Singh
Amandeep Singh Sappal


Free space optics (FSO) technology has many advantages such as high data rate/ speed, and bandwidth. Despite of these, it has the drawback of attenuation offered by the different weather conditions, which can degrade the system’s performance. In this paper, 32x5Gb/s channel DWDM-FSO system has been designed and investigated using two types of receivers under worst weather conditions and also achieved the maximum possible link range with low Bit Error Rate (BER) by using semiconductor optical amplifier with APD receiver. It has been realized that the system can operate successfully for the transmission up to 391 km with PIN receiver while with APD receiver; the transmission distance can be extended to 439 km under clear weather condition. Results showed that there is major improvement in transmission distance and quality factor under worst weather conditions. The findings demonstrated that such a DWDM FSO communication can provide the advantages of optical wireless links for long transmission distance and high data rate.


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