Reusability of patterns and calculation of improved PSNR and MSE using Wavelets and Fuzzy Logic

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Gurpreet Kaur
Kamna Mahajan


The review puts forward a new algorithm to determine two objects similarity degree, the new algorithm is that the Angle cosine method and the hamming distance method bond together based on a weight synthesis. In the fuzzy pattern recognition, in order to avoid happening of “miss recognitionâ€, a new kind of closeness degree which is combined by two closeness degree based on a certain weight, and it can adaptively adjust each weight according to the characteristics of the characteristic value of mode. Also, it furthered previous work by proposing a component reusability evaluation method based on fuzzy mathematics. The method provides an effective way of evaluating the reusable ability of a certain component during the process of software evolution. The features are extracted as original signal, which is processed by Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) for the purpose of enhancing the difference in time domain between a genuine pattern and its forgery.

Keywords-Pattern recognition; pattern reusability; fuzzy inference; Discrete Wavelet Transform


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