Data Mining Technique for Agriculture and Related Areas

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Mamta Rajshree
Shwetank, R.P.Agarwal


Socio-economic factors are the social and economic experiences and realities that help to change one’s attitude, personality, perception and life style. Examples of socio-economic factors are education, experience, age, income, wealth, occupation etc. Farmers’ socio economy is a neglected area due to the emphasis on the level of agricultural productivity. The paper deals with the role of data mining techniques in the field of agriculture and related areas. Some of the most used data mining techniques such as classification; clustering and statistical techniques along with their applications in various domains of agriculture have been discussed. Data mining techniques in the field of agricultural decision making for forecasting agricultural production, quality of production and management are new research areas. This review is conducted to explore the application of data mining in the domains of agriculture for the purpose of finding some efficient technique to improve the socio-economy of the farmers in order to improve the country economy.


Keywords: K-Means clustering, K-Nearest neighbor clustering, Support Vector Machine, Decision Tree.


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