Role of Data Mining in Minimizing Socio-Economic Risk Factors (SERF) Affecting Agriculture

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Mamta Rajshree


The role of data mining in minimizing Socio-Economic Risk Factors (SERF) and prediction is a leading next generation agricultural intelligence. This enables land users to make better decisions by alerting them to hidden patterns in data that are discovered. Farmer decisions with regard to agriculture production and technology use are strongly influenced by SERF such as age, education, farming experience, land size, risk willingness, innovativeness, extension use efficiency, live stocks, family members, scientific attitude etc. SERF remained neglected because of an emphasis on increase in productivity. The aim of this paper is to give a review of SERF and presents a novel data mining model to overcome SERF prevailing in agricultural environment especially in Indian context.



Keywords: Socio-economic risk factors; Agriculture Intelligence: Data Mining; Classification


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