To Evaluate the Factors Influencing Consumer Purchase Inclination at Online Shops or Retail Outlets Using Normal Variant of Normal Distribution Function

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J. Sheik Mohamed
Dr. S. Sreekanth,S. Mohaseena, Dr. S. Ramakrishna


Among people, who often use the Internet, some make purchases at online shops and others do not. What decision-making factors affect their behavior? A questionnaire survey regarding the purchase was conducted and analyzed the survey responses. As a result of a Principal Component Analysis on 20 questionnaires, 10 factors were extracted. Furthermore, a Discriminant Analysis showed that the factors strengthening the trend of making purchases at an Retail outlet were switching costs, real information, first-hand examination, trust and distrust of online shops and that those strengthening the trend of making purchases at online shops were net information, time saving and price. The resultant of Discriminant Analysis of online store and retail outlet are applied in normal variant of Normal distribution function to test the Null Hypothesis which gives acceptance or rejection of either one.



Keywords-Dispersion, Retail Outlet, Normal Distribution, Principal Component Analysis, Discriminant Analysis.


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