Applying Wall Layer Building Algorithm for Optimizing the Equal Dimension Boxes in Vehicle Load Filling

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J. Sheik Mohamed
B. Narendra Babu,Dr. S. Sreekanth, Dr. N. Ch. S. N. Iyengar


In today’s global markets, enterprises are integrated in order to produce value for the end customers. Logistics optimization is the biggest opportunity for most companies to significantly to satisfy the customer.. It is the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, packaging and security. Transportation management is one of the main process in Logistics world. Transportation management include, among others, load planning and delivery route planning. In the existing logistics business process, the load planning was established for different types of boxes in order to minimize the wastage of space or maximum utilization of vehicle space. But there is no procedure or method to load similar type of boxes into vehicle with maximum utilization of space. This approach establishes or evaluates the load optimization for similar type of boxes by selecting the vehicle from availability. The load optimization is done for similar type of boxes using three algorithmic procedures. Among three algorithms, one algorithm gives the best optimal solution for load filling.



Keywords: Load Optimization, Vehicle Parameters, Space Utilization, Logistics.


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