Analyzing the Effect of Denial of Service Attacks on Packet Delivery Ratio in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Carrying Packet Telephony

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Sandeep Maan
P.K. Suri


Successful implementation of Packet Telephony over a mobile ad-hoc network has been a topic of research interest for some time now. One major deterrent to success of any viable solution are various ‘Denial of Service’, DoS, attacks launched by the malicious node(s). Successful implementation of packet telephony is subject to restriction imposed by various ‘Quality-of-Service’, QoS, parameters including packet delivery ratio (PDR). In this work authors have analysed the adverse effect that denial of service attacks can have on Packet Delivery Ratio. This analysis should prove to be helpful in real time implementation of Packet Telephony over Mobile Ad-hoc Networks.


Keywords:Mobile Ad-hoc Networks;Packet Telephony;Packet Delivery Ratio;Malicious Node;Denial of Service Attacks; Quality of Service.


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