Qualitative Comparison Routing Algorithms of MANET Carrying Packet Telephony

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P.K. Suri
Sandeep Maan


Mobile Ad-hoc Networks are quite different from other wireless networks. The reason behind this difference is the mobile nature of participating nodes. Due to this network configuration keeps on changing and re-routing is frequently required. It has been difficult for researchers to realize Packet Telephony over Mobile Ad-hoc Networks A robust routing algorithm is prerequisite for successful implementation of Packet Telephony over Mobile Ad-hoc Networks. In this work authors are presenting a qualitative comparison of various popular routing algorithms in terms of various QoS parameters. During this work an environment is simulated using ns2 where Packet Telephony is implemented over a Mobile Ad-hoc Network.



Keywords— Mobile Ad-hoc Network, AODV, DSDV, DSR, Packet Telephony, Voice over Internet Protocol, Network Architecture, throughput, channel utilization, routing overhead.


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