Studying Satellite Image Quality Based on the Fusion Techniques

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Firouz Abdullah Al-Wassai
N.V. Kalyankar, Ali A. Al-Zaky


Various and different methods can be used to produce high-resolution multispectral images from high-resolution panchromatic image (PAN) and low-resolution multispectral images (MS), mostly on the pixel level. However, the jury is still out on the benefits of a fused image compared to its original images. There is also a lack of measures for assessing the objective quality of the spatial resolution for the fusion methods. Therefore, an objective quality of the spatial resolution assessment for fusion images is required. So, this study attempts to develop a new qualitative assessment to evaluate the spatial quality of the pan sharpened images by many spatial quality metrics. Also, this paper deals with a comparison of various image fusion techniques based on pixel and feature fusion techniques.



Keywords: Measure of image quality; spectral metrics; spatial metrics; Image Fusion.


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