Feature-Preserving Fuzzy System for Color Image Enhancement using MATLAB

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Sumit A. Khandelwal
Radha S. Shirbhate


The main objective of image enhancement is to process the image so that the result is more suitable than the original image for a
specific application. Image enhancement is a field that is being used in various areas and disciplines. Advances in computers, microcontrollers
and DSP boards have opened new horizons to digital image processing, and have opened many avenues to the design and implementation of new
innovative techniques. In this paper we use of knowledge-base (fuzzy expert) systems that are capable of mimicking the behavior of a human
expert. Fuzzy approach of knowing severity of tumor is essential to determine if there is a need for the biopsy and it gives to user a clear idea of
spread and severity level of tumor. Fuzzy based enhancement of color feature of tumor is an application of fuzzy in the area of color feature
extraction for enhancement of a peculiar feature. It has been found that RGB color model is not suitable for enhancement because the color
components are not decoupled.

Keywords- Image Enhancement, Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Image, FIS, MATLAB.


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