Simulation of Alternative Routing Scheme to Prevent Intrusion in Sensor Networks

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Rakesh Kumar
Ashima Verma


Ad hoc is used to describe solutions that are developed on-the-fly for a specific purpose. In computer networking, an ad hoc network refers Wireless base station to a network connection established for a single session and does not require a router. Computing nodes (usually wireless) in an ad hoc network act as routers to deliver messages between nodes that are not within their wireless communication range. Intrusion is one of the common problems in all network, in case sensor network we face the same problem. When we have a dense sensor network with no of nodes and there is some important data is transferring over the network, there is the requirement of security. But in case of “man in middle†it is never easy to say a network is intruder safe. Even when the Intruder knows about the routing algorithms or the algorithm implementation it is quite difficult to handle the problem. We are providing the approach to transfer data from some path other then that common path.
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Routing schemes, sensor network, Ad hoc


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