Smart Warehouse and Inventory Management System

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Sheelavathy K V
Ajay S
Samhita Vishwanath
Ankita K
Anmol M


In general, warehouses are places where goods and products are stored. But the process of managing and locating goods in warehouses is difficult and moreover time consuming, this is because the user has to search the rooms manually and the allocate new places in the room when the goods arrive this requires a lot of effort. This process can be made more efficient using IOT. The warehouse management system uses sensors and QR codes to make this process more efficient. The goods are identified using QR codes and scanners and then can be allocated to various locations in the warehouse. This warehouse management project is based on the architecture of the internet of things which can be developed to track the products along with the product information. In this system a raspberry pi is used as a central server that monitors all information of the goods and using SQL the database is managed so that the user can track the arrival and discharge of the products and goods. This system is developed in a manner where it can be used with any existing warehouse inventory.




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