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Devraj Yadav P
Sheelavathy K V
Chermanna MT
Boya Harinath
Deepak J


Face Recognition is a biometric technology that is best and comes to mind during identifying and verifying a identity of a person. Subsisting authentication phases of Online transaction is not as secure, since it can be accessed by a third party if he is adequate, which is same with biometric dactyl gram scanners. Thus genuine time face recognition is something which cannot be hacked without the notice of the accommodation provider. Integrating face recognition as an authentication process makes online transaction more secure. Since there are sundry online payment mode today authentic time face recognition will be a better reliable mode of authentication.  We have made utilization of python and library open-cv which has three face recognition algorithms, faces of customers are trained into the machine and stored into the database and accessed when needed. Out of the three algorithms fisher face and Eigen face have less precision and withal depends on background effulgence. Thus LBPH (local binary pattern histogram) is utilized as it gives a higher precision and works on dim light as well. After validating and verifying rest of the customer information authentication is done where the images captured is compared with database and verified for the right utilizer and thus authentication is done. Thus this project aims on implementing the above conception for the betterment in the on demand system.


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