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Tanuja K.
Tanushree M
Vijay Krishna .D.L.
Vindhya R.
Gopinath R.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) means a system that transfers the information wirelessly, using radio frequency waves. It is automatic identification technology. This project is about RFID based Smart Library Management System (SLMS) that allows fast transaction flow and will make easy to handle the activities like issue and return of books from the library without much manual intervention. This system is based on RFID readers and passive RFID tags that are able to store the information electronically which can be read by the RFID readers. The books are kept in library attached with RFID tags/cards. The benefit of this project exceeds the development of a smart world in a smart way as inventory management becomes much easier, as well as all the books and magazines can be read by the RFID reader rather than scanned manually by the customer. Issuing and returning the books makes the information of the sameto get stored in the cloud. This system will make users to issue and return of books via RFID tags very easy and also calculate the corresponding fine associated with the period of time the absence of the book from the library.


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