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Vishwas B
Apoorva S
Swathi V Raidurg
Anand Rao Pawar
Laxmi B Rananavare


 Internet of Things (IoT) is relying on exchange of information and work progress through radio frequency identification (RFID), which is an emerging technology and one of the most important technology in the computing world. This kind of technologies has found its applications in various fields ranging from healthcare, construction, smart shopping, hospitality to transportation sector and many more. In this system, Billing can be generated from the shopping cart. The idea is to save customers time by providing digital billing system which you get through the registered mail of our website. A compartment is kept in which all the products are attached with RFID tags/cards. The benefit of this project exceeds the development of a smart world in a particular field as inventory management becomes much easier, as well as all the items can be read by the RFID reader rather than scanned manually by the laborer. Purchasing product information will get stored in the database. The billing will get generated at the mobile display as well as on the server. This system shows how RFID technology makes life easier and secure and thus helpful in the future. This system describes about IoT, concentrating its use in improving and securing the future shopping.


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