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syed mohd faisal malik
Md. Tabrez Nafis
Mohd Hamzah Khan


In this paper a new methodology is described to efficiently handle and managed traffic in a highly populated and congested area. The traffic management system’s framework make use of an essential technology required which is IoT .It also has other important parts such as an autonomous activity controller raspberry-pi, pi-camera, RFID ,IR sensors .To further help to navigate the traffic the proposed framework uses decisive algorithm and round-robin algorithm to find the Optimum path through traffic. Raspberry pi is used to manage all components collectively and individually. Total traffic in a region is determined by the help of IR sensors which uses RFID to distinguish high priority vehicles such as ambulance and VIPS from day to day traffic. There is an additional benefit of using RFID it can be used to locate the robbed or snatched vehicles. The proposed framework has two major parts i.e autonomous and manual. The algorithm used to navigate traffic play a vital part in making the proposed framework work efficiently.


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