Implementing ARM7TDMI-S through EXPRESSION ADL

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Dr. Manoj Kumar Jain
Veena Ramnani


The embedded systems designs critically require a fast and automated architecture exploration methodology. Furthermore, shrinking time-to-market has created an urgent need to design hardware and software in parallel. Architecture Description Languages (ADLs) are effectively used for designing Application Specific Instruction set Processors (ASIP).This paper focuses on EXPRESSION ADL. EXPRESSION utilizes MIPS 4K like processor called acesMIPS and supports a mixed behavioral/structural representation of the architecture.It can capture a processor- memory architecture description and generate a compiler and simulator automatically from this description the purpose of this paper is to simulate ARM7TDMI-S through EXPRESSION and in the process analyze the framework for it structural and instruction set capabilities. It was found that EXPRESSION has several shortcomings and is not able to simulate ARM7TDMI-S.



Keywords: Retarget able Compiler, ASIP, Design Space Exploration, ADL, EXPRESSION tool-kit.


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