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anju verma
Manwinder Singh


The routing mechanisms are designed to inter-connect the nodes across the networks in dynamic domain. The wireless routing protocols must be empowered with dynamic memory management, which can be deployed with cooperative proactive routing or partial reactive routing mechanisms, which manages the different routing information on run-time memory. The multiple paths can also procured in routing table, which can be used to deploy the load balancing among the multiple paths selected using multipath reactive routing mechanism. In this paper, we have studied the various routing mechanism, which includes the multipath routing, personalized routing, inter-domain routing, joint traffic splitting, rate control mechanism and cognitive heterogeneous routing mechanisms. The comparative study of the latter models is performed, which are observed for their functional merits and demerits. The projected improvement has been observed in the form of segmental routing mechanism, which can handle the micro routes in the inter-domain routing mechanism for WSN.


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