Qos Provisioning Fuzzy based Stable Election Protocol in WSN

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Amarpreet Kaur
Manwinder Singh


— In a Wireless Sensor Network, the most significant parameter of sensor nodes is Energy. One of the demanding concerns in WSNs is Energy Efficiency. The solution to this problem is data aggregation which will decrease the network traffic. Data aggregation can be achieved by using Clustering Schemes which is an essential research area, because it provides multiple benefits such as it upgrades constancy and reduces the network overhead that prolongs the lifespan of the network. The major idea behind the clustering scheme is to deploy the sensor nodes in the network, compress the data gathered from the sensor nodes and then transfers the gathered data to the sink. Cluster head selection is the fundamental part in this procedure. Several Cluster Head Selection Techniques are considered in this paper. This paper proposed a fuzzy interface system which has used to choose a cluster head on the basis of different input parameters given to it. In this method, automated method has followed for the selection. Experimental analysis have performed between proposed, SEP and LEACH protocol on the basis of number of alive nodes, number of dead nodes and throughput. From the analysis, it has been concluded that the proposed technique enhances the lifetime of the network in comparison with other traditional methods


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