Human-Computer Interface Through Biometric Recognition System

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Mr. Gajanan P. Khetri
Dr. V. P. Pawar, Prof. Dinesh Chandra Jain


In today’s world many times need the human identification for the purpose of security of information, authentication, search criminals,
find missing child. The biometric recognition uses for human identification because the biometrical characteristics are unique, and it’s based on
two types are behavioural and physiological characteristics. This paper include biometric recognition system overview fingerprint recognition,
face recognition, iris recognition, speech recognition and gesture recognition. overview include the various types of algorithm using in biometric
recognition system are discrete cosine transform, key local variation, minutiae matching algorithm, PCA, active contour algorithm, fuzzy cmeans
clustering, LPCC Algorithm, LDA Algorithm and Fuzzy Neural Network. The standard techniques implement following some of
algorithms and recognition rate is near prediction about 100%.



Keywords: Biometric Recognition, LDA, PCA Algorithms, Database.


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