Brain Tumor Segmentation through Watershed Transformation

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Mr. N.S Zulpe
Dr. V. P. Pawar, Prof. Dinesh Chandra Jain


The medical images of the human body get from the various sources such as CT, PET, SPECT, and MRI. Magnetic Resonance
Imaging is a technique which is used to produce quality images of the human anatomy. The objective of the segmentation is to subdivide an
image in to number objects which are called as Region of Interest (ROI) .In this work we use the MRI images of the human brain to recognize
tumour affected area from the medical images. In this paper we have presented the watershed transformation and semiautomatic segmentation
method for extracting the region of interest that is tumour affected area from the MRI images. Our method is fully semiautomatic.



Keywords: MRI, ROI, Watershed, Semiautomatic Segmentation.


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