The Biochip Technology Implementation and Major Advances in Medical Applications

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Mr. Chaithanya Kadari
Dr. Ch GVN Prasad,Padma Koutarapu, Saidulu Yelagandula


“Biochipsâ€-The most exciting future technology is an outcome of the fields of Computer science, Electronics & Biology. Its a new
type of bio-security device to accurately track information regarding what a person is doing, and who is to accurately track information regarding
what he is doing, and who is actually doing it. It’s no more required with biochips the good old idea of remembering pesky PINs, Passwords, &
Social security numbers (SSN) .No more matters of carrying medical records to a hospital, No more cash/credit card carrying to the market
place. Biochip has a variety technique for secured E-money transactions on the net. The power of biochips exists in capability of locating lost
children, downed soldiers, and wandering Alzheimer patients. The chips are of the size of an uncooked grain of rice, small enough to be injected
under the skin using a hypodermic syringe needle. They respond to a signal from the detector, held just a few feet away, by transmitting out an
identification number. This number is then compared to database listings of registered pets. The Biochip tagging for humans has already
started…Rush out for your tag!!!!!



Keywords: Biochip, Bio-security device, SSN, Hypodermic syringe


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