Implementation of Library Management System with RFID Technology

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Mr. Chaithanya Kadari
Dr. Ch GVN Prasad


A library is a growing organism. As it grows in size the problems associated with the maintenance and security of the documents also
grows. The researchers have always helped the librarian in solving their problems. To solve the problems of searching documents they have
given cataloging guidelines. Bar-codes have served the librarians and libraries for a long time, and now it is slowly getting replaced by RFID.
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a new generation of Auto Identification and Data collection technology which helps to automate
business processes and allows identification of large number of tagged objects like books, using radio waves. RFID based Library Management
System (LMS) would allow fast transaction flow for the library and will prove immediate and long term benefits to library in traceability and
security. The proposed system is based on Ultra High Frequency(UHF) RFID readers, supported with antennas at gate and transaction sections,
and library cards containing RFID-transponders which are able to electronically store information that can be read / written even without the
physical contact with the help of radio medium. This paper presents the technology implementation, features, the experiments conducted to set
up RFID based LMS, possible problems of RFID in Library.



Keywords: Library, RFID, LMS, UHF, RFID-transponders


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