Grid Solar Hybrid Speed Controller For Electric Vehicle

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SubhashChandra Saini
Deepak Sharma


In the future a significant shift in focus will occur towards electric vehicles as fossils decrease and fuel prices become extremely high. Also use of renewable energy sources will be required in electric vehicles, so as not to depend on thermal or nuclear power indirectly. Characteristic of a IC engine (Internal Combustion Engine) such as higher torque on demand, rapid acceleration and row power are often a hindrance in acceptance of Electric vehicles by mass public. This Research work emphasis’s on a design of a grid solar hybrid electric vehicle Which addresses the above issues effectively and efficiently. The proposed system uses a higher power 3 q induction motor with FOC (Field Oriented control) or vector control to deliver IC Engine vehicles like performance in terms of row power, acceleration, torque etc. with highest energy efficiency achievable. Also the system comprises of an intelligent electronic PWM switching system which facilitates use of Root solar energy in priority and energy deficit to be derived from battery when the vehicle is running. The switching system also provides for priority to on board Root top solar panels for vehicle battery charging and tabs deficit power from grid.


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