Issues & Vulnerabilities Related to Online Voting and Its Mitigation

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Mohammad Daud
Ihtiram Raza Khan


Majority share of the traditional voting systems have been utilized throughout the years in races. Each of these strategies had orderly inadequacies. The current customary voting frameworks have been subjected to gross manhandle and abnormalities. Electronic voting which is rising as a contrasting option to these traditional voting frameworks, however exceedingly encouraging is not free of blemishes; remote web voting frameworks still experience the ill effects of numerous security issues which depend on the customers, the servers, and the system associations. Denial of service attack and Sybil attack still have a place with the most difficult security issues. In this paper we talk about the security issues related with remote web voting. Moreover we examine how Sybil assault can be utilized as a part of character and certifications burglary. Specifically, we look at the plausibility of running national races over the Internet. The concentrate of this paper is on the impediments of the current conveyed framework as far as the security of the hosts and the Internet itself. We infer that without fitting safety efforts, web based races can be a test.


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