Reengineering of the Tollgate Process Management based on the Financing of Road Infrastructure in Developing Countries

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Roger Atsa Etoundi
Tchatchouang Kepche Stéphanie


To manage its road assets, the Republic of Cameroon opted for the creation of tollgates on tarred roads to finance the road sector because
of the limitation of public funds which is a general problem in developing countries. The funds collected should be used to maintain existing roads
and create others. After several years of prosperity during which revenue from tollgates were significant, there came a point from where a significant
drop in tollgate revenue was experienced despite the creation of new tollgates and the increase number of vehicles. This drop in revenue is largely
due to poor monitoring of various operations related to the management of the different tollgates which is systematically manual. This type of
processing has encouraged all sorts of fraud, resulting to the drastic drop in revenue. In order to boost the revenue related to the management of
tollgates, we handle this problem as one of engineering. After defining salient concepts suitable in representing a tollgate, we build in an incremental
manner a model for an efficient management of tollgates based on the use of ICT.


Keywords: Tollgate Management, Revenue Security, Business Process Reengineering, Quality of Service.


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