A Formal Ontological Framework for Business Process Management within a Virtual Enterprise for Customer Satisfaction

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Roger Atsa Etoundi
Fouda Ndjodo Marcel


The competitive pressure of network economy obliges enterprises to share their (technological, procedural or human) resources in order to satisfy the requirements of customers. These requirements continue to increase the need to programmatically validate the outgoing products or services. This problem occurs when an enterprise does not have enough qualified resources to meet a given requirement for the satisfaction of its customers. External qualified resources coming from other enterprises are then required for its satisfaction. The main difficulty is how to assign a job to a resource solicited by other enterprises for the same purpose based on constraints such as time and availability. To tackle this problem, we design a generic ontological framework for the management of the execution of a workflow within a virtual enterprise. The methodology is based on the specification of requirements for efficient rooting of jobs to shared resources in a virtual enterprise by taking into consideration constraints such as the availability and the transportation cost. The RSL (Raise Specification Language) is used to carry out the modeling process.


Keywords: Virtual Enterprise, Virtual Business Process, Shared Resource Management, Quality of Service, Workflow Requirement Engineering


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