Smart Choice – Content Based Clothing Recommendation System

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Shweta Sharma
Mrs. Asma Parveen. I. Siddavattam
Shilpa Sharma
Ravjot Tuteja


Shopping has always been a basic necessity but also a time consuming nuisance. With the trending e-platforms, people are shopping on the go! In this ever growing technology, finding something with pattern of your choice is difficult. The plethora of options often gets the customers confused and eventually drops the idea. Our project will help the consumers to search for the clothes referring the pattern in the picture they upload on our platform. It aims at using image processing techniques to provide with much better results for our customers and aid them in shopping. Exploring choices become easy as the clothes having similar patterns will be shown as the result. Rather than searching for hours, our project will bring the searched results to them. The texture and print on the image of cloth will be analyzed for patterns like lines at different angles and circular designs. These identified patterns will help to find similar clothes which the customer may desire.

Keywordss: Image Retrieval, Shopping, Content based image retrieval, Gabor function, Circle Hough Transform.


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