An Ontology Aided Requirement Engineering Framework

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Shilpa Sharma
Maya Ingle


With the advent of knowledge intensive practices in requirement engineering, ontology has become a definitive choice. It will not only facilitate the confining of knowledge strenuous environment for requirement engineering but also enrich sharing of knowledge across various applications from different domains. Also, the ontology assists in defining information for the exchange of semantic software requirement specification data and lengthens the communication framework. In this paper, we present an Ontology Aided Requirements Engineering (OntoAidedRE) framework that endorses the categories of requirement to elicit, represent and analyze the diversity of factors associated with requirement engineering process. The OntoAidedRE framework represents a hierarchical structure accompaniment with harmonizing semantics in a coalescing ontological requirement engineering process. We also present examples from the practice of our framework that combine theoretical and practical aspects. This, conversely, necessitates divulging the benefits of implementing an OntoAidedRE in practicing the requirement engineering process.


Keywords: OntoPre Requirements, OntoInput Requirements, OntoSystem Requirements, OntoOutput Requirements and OntoAidedRE


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