Intelligent Bus Stand Fees Management System Using RFID

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Manjinder Singh
Gagandeep Kaur


All over the world cities, authorities and companies
are facing great challenges in designing transport systems for
the future. The demand for transportation, both regarding
people and freight, will continue to increase and to increase
efficiency, mobility and customer satisfaction while reduce
environmental impact, traffic congestion and the number of
accidents will always be of greatest concern. The performance
of the transport systems is of crucial importance for individual
mobility, business opportunities and for the welfare level and
economic growth of a nation. Intelligent transport systems
(ITS) are systems that integrate technology developments in
the fields of telecommunication and information technology
with the physical infrastructure and vehicles, with the aim to
satisfy goals in terms of efficiency, mobility, safety and
environmental impact. There is an increasing demand for
transportation engineers with knowledge about the relevant
communication technology in the field and about the planning
tools for designing, analyzing and evaluating the performance
of the complex transport systems. This proposed system studies
the Intelligent Bus Stand Fees Management System is based on
radio frequency identification (RFID) system. The manual
system of fee management poses lots of problems including
wastage of time and uncontrolled traffic. This proposed system
proposes to reduce the problem by designing automatic toll
collection using RFID and bus card. The proposed system will
be running by accessing the code of bus, contained in the card,
and then comparing it with the database. The interface
developer needs to have details of the vehicle like bus make
and model, bus number, license of the driver and owner along
with contact details of the owner. This information needs to be
correctly uploaded so that the interface works correctly.
Developer needs to choose port and code to make connection
with RFID reader. The user just needs to swap his card on the
reader and the code from the card will be compared with the
database in access. If the code matches with the database, the
user information gets displayed on the computer of the
operator. If the code does not match with the interface, the
operator may check for the details and in case of new user, not
already registered, may register his vehicle. This system aims
to make a more efficient, easy and hassle free bus fee
management system.


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