A Nobel Approach for Image Compression

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Gagandeep Kaur
Narinder Singh, Sukhpreet Singh


Image Compression is a technique that is used to
reduce the size of an image by reducing redundancy in that
image. Image compression techniques save the disk space to
store an image and bandwidth. A Compressed Image takes less
time to process than an image of more size. Image compression
technique is applied to both lossy as well as lossless data. In this
paper Entropy algorithm is compared with color correlation
algorithm. In latest algorithm DCT with color co-relation
technique is used in which firstly image is converted in to byte
array. There is a loss of data while using Entropy algorithm but
Latest algorithm overcomes the disadvantage of Entropy
algorithm. There is no loss of data after compression of an
image till 50%.

Keywords: Image compression, Color correlation, DCT,


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