Content Based Image Retrieval System Using Texture Features And Fuzzy Membership Function

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Priyanka Goyal
Rajbhupinder kaur


Digital Image Processing is the process to perform
various types of operations on different types of images.
Content based image retrieval is branch of digital image
processing. CBIR works in the principle of contents. In CBIR
collared, medical and gray scale images have been used for
processing. In medical images different types of content
shapes have been extracted from the query image and image
that contain particular shapes or contents have been extracted
from database images. We studied various papers on CBIR.
The main problem in the CBIR for medical images is that
these shape or content features does not provide better results.
In our work we will remove this by using various features like
angular movement of image, correlation, entropy and energy
of the image also has been computed.


Keywords: DIP, CBIR, QBIC, CBVIR).


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