Beginning Research: A First-PrincipleGuide for Even the Computer Science Researcher

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Emmanuel C. Ogu
Omotosho O.J, Awodele O


Understanding the requirements and demands of research has often always been a challenge for the beginning researcher. Undergraduate and early postgraduate students alike get very easily frustrated in this regard. Rightly so because the pressure to adhere to the global ethics, techniques and methods, requirements, specifications, as well as other demands that are placed on research could easily get overwhelming especially for the research beginner. It very often feels like being required to put so much together and into right perspective, all at the same time and into one piece. Understanding these in general perspective is one challenge; the other being the need to tailor these generic and seeming complex demands to fit into another complex field such as Computer Sciencewith numerous associated specializations. This paper presents an overview of the most fundamentally global demands of research in a very simplified manner, and how it can be tailored to find footing in areas of Computer Science Research; all put together from a traverse of existing literature, as well as a depth of experience in research and academics. The beginning researcher would find this a very compact “first-principles guide†to research; especially in Computer Science from which field most illustrations used in this research stem.

Keywords: Research, Research Methodology, Computer Science, Computer Science Research, Academia.


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