Partitioning of Resource Provisions for Cloud Computing Infrastructure against DoS and DDoS Attacks

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Emmanuel C. Ogu
Alao, O.D., Omotunde, A.A
Ogbonna A.C., Izang A.A


The Internet is growing to become a necessary and indispensable tool for the common man. Security has remained a hindrance to reaping the full, immense benefits of the Internet. Cybercrimes have been on the rise, and are becoming even easier to perpetrate even for the unskilled and naïve users. Denial of Service (DoS) is becoming one of the most common and most devastating of known cybercrimes that leave huge financial losses in its wake, with possibilities ofeven loss of lives in developed countries. This research proposes a model for partitioning of resource provisions in cloud computing infrastructure, as a means of mitigating against DoS attacks, especially at the Application Layer. This model focuses on securing critical computing resources of cloud computing infrastructure by providing different resource pools for servicing requests of applications and processes whose resource consumption levels are within safe limits, and for those that are suspected to be headed for a DoS. A full theoretical framework for this model is established with the use of an algorithm, a flowchart and a functional flow block diagram (FFBD).

Keywords: Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Resource Allocation, Denial of Service, Botnets, Functional Flow Block Diagrams.


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