Maximum Likelihood Technique using Cyclic Prefix based Estimation of Carrier Frequency Offset in OFDM System

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Shampal Singh
Avtar Singh Buttar


Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) has proved it is ability to provide the required services and offer large data rates with sufficient strength to Electromagnetic wave channel destruction The major drawback concern in the OFDM data transmission is loss of orthogonality of signal due to Carrier Frequency Offset (CFO), caused either due to mismatching of frequency of oscillator at transmitter side and receiver side or due to Doppler shift. CFO leads to create problems like Inter carrier interference (ICI) and Signal to Noise plus Interference Ratio decrease (SINR). As a result, the overall capacity of the system is reduced. The estimation of CFO is difficult problem. In this paper, Maximum Likelihood technique using Cyclic Prefix based estimation of CFO in OFDM system is proposed. CFO is estimated from the phase angle of convolutionally product of cyclic prefix and matching component of the OFDM symbol. Proposed estimation method can estimate the CFO without the use of pilot signal with high accuracy and less complexity in OFDM system.

Keywords: OFDM, orthogonality, Maximum likelihood, Cyclic Prefix, Inter Carrier Interference, Signal to Noise plus Interference Ratio


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